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Findhelp is a lead provider of information and referral services in Ontario and across Canada. We create connections and solutions to build strong communities. Findhelp connects people and agencies to human services and the social services system and assist all clients.

Community Information and Referral Helplines

Taking the rouleau out of his pocket, he tore the envelope and showed that it was lead skilfully worked.The king, as was not unnatural, had begun to get angry at her first answer. This last put him quite in a fury. But all his anger fell on my brother and me. He first threw a plate at my brothers head, who ducked out of the way. He then let fly another at me, which I avoided in like manner. A hail-storm of abuse followed these first hostilities. He rose into a passion against the queen, reproaching her with the bad training which she gave her children, and, addressing my brother, said,

At last, however, it was finished, and she stood in the presence of Louis XV. He was no longer young, but she thought him handsome and imposing. He had intensely blue eyes, a short but not brusque manner of speaking, and something royal and majestic about his whole bearing which distinguished him from other men. He talked a great deal to Mme. de Puisieux, and made complimentary remarks about Flicit, after which they were presented to the Queen, who was lying in a reclining chair, already suffering from the languor of the fatal illness caused by the recent death of her son, the Dauphin. Then came the presentation to Mesdames, and to the Children of France, and in the evening they went to the jeu de Mesdames.Findhelp Information Services operates 211, the award-winning 3-digit phone and online service which helps Ontarians connect to the complete range of government and community-based health and social services available in their communities.

Findhelp has operated the 211 phone service since 2002. The phones are answered by highly qualified I&R Specialists. If you want to talk to someone for information or referrals, please dial 2-1-1. It is free, confidential and available in up to 170 languages.

The glory and the beauty of Rome only began to dawn upon her next morning, in the vivid sunlight, when she climbed the steps of the Trinit de' Monti, and then with Allegra's arm to lean upon went slowly upward and again upward to the topmost terrace on the Pincian Hill, and stood leaning on the marble balustrade, and gazing across the city that lay steeped in sunshine at her feetover palace and steeple, pinnacle and tower, to the rugged grandeur of Hadrian's Tomb, and to that great dome whose vastness makes all other temples seem puny and insignificant. This was her first view of the world's greatest church.If she had not got away in time there can be no [83] doubt as to what would have been her fate; fortunately her fears made her act with prudence. M. Brongniart, the architect, and his wife, friends of hers, seeing her so pale and altered, persuaded her to go and stay with them for a few days at the Invalides, where they had rooms; she gladly accepted and was taken there by a doctor attached to the Palais Royal, whose servants wore the Orlans livery, the only one that was now respected, and in whose carriage she consequently arrived safely. Her kind friends nursed and tried to comfort her; made her take Bordeaux and soup as she could eat nothing, and tried to reassure her, being amongst those who did not believe in the perils to come. It was no use. When they went out they heard the threats and violent talk of the mob, and the discussions they held with each other; by no means calculated to give comfort to those who were listening.Ontario Ministry of the Attorney Generals Victim Support Line (VSL) 1-888-579-2888

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JUDITH PASTASupport Services for Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Line providing access to crisis and integrated follow-up services (Ontario): 1-866-887-0015

Data and Web Services

{sjtxt}Accurate and expertly organized data is crucial to connecting people with the services they need. We have been making information available to citizens and professionals since 1952, once through our popular Blue Book Directory of Community Services, and now through a wide variety of online portals. The database is the core resource for information and resource specialists both at 211 and at many other helpline services.

Professional Training in Information and Referral

{sjtxt}{sjtxt}Findhelp Information Services offers a wide range of practical and informative training workshops related to information and referral for human service practitioners. These affordable workshops are geared to front-line staff who interact with the public in the not-for-profit and government services sectors.

Community Connections

{sjtxt}{sjtxt}Reaching out to the community is an important component of our work at Findhelp. Through our outreach activities we are able to connect with people in their community.

Social Enterprise

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{sjtxt}{sjtxt}Findhelp has a strong commitment to innovation, collaboration and social enterprise. For more than 60 years, we have worked with a diversity of partners, by providing the tools and the expertise to enhance their community impact and spark social change.

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